The Blessing of Mephibosheth

Of the many stories in David’s life that foreshadowed an aspect of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, the blessing of Mephibosheth ranks at the top of the list. Seeking to honor the memory of his dear friend Jonathan, David performs an unprecedented act of kindness upon Mephibosheth, Jonathan’s remaining heir, a disabled man. In short, Mephibosheth would be cared for all the days of his life, including a seat at David’s table in his inner court.

How might this point the reader of such an interesting account from 2 Samuel, hundreds of years before the time of Christ, to our Savior? David certainly represents the “Greater David,” His Son, the Christ. And undoubtedly, we find a great picture of a redeemed sinner in Mephibosheth. But going deeper into the narrative, David blesses him, not because of anything meritorious in Mephibosheth, but on account of his father, Jonathan. Because of this brotherly love – a friendship which even involved a contract or covenant of its own – Mephibosheth found the blessing of the king.

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