Statement of Purpose was founded in 2003 by Ben Winslett and David Dyess II, as an online Primitive Baptist sermon and article site. Their intent was to publish the glorious truths which Old Baptists so fervently believe, specifically in the form of sermons and articles from ministers in the central Alabama area.

MTZ exists today as an online Primitive Baptist ministry focused on sharing the glorious truth of Christ’s finished work with His children around the globe in the form of writings (both digital and printed) by historic and contemporary ministers as well as other forms of media including audio sermons, radio broadcasts and podcasts, and video sermons.

Because MTZ is not centered around the ministry of one single minister, we also feel it’s important to maintain an archive of historic documents, links to other Primitive Baptist websites, as well as information about Primitive Baptists in your area (Church directory, radio broadcasts and newsletters, etc). For God’s glory, it’s our desire to further the cause of Christ by adding our Old Baptist perspective to the marketplace of ideas within Christianity today, in as many ways as possible.

How Can I Help?

First, pray for the ministry. Then pray again.

Second, let us know if we’re missing something. Feel free to submit churches to our directory, as it is user built. Is there a writing or website you wish was in our archive? Submit it to us!

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