M121 Podcast

He Shall Save Media delivers podcasts, videos, and contemporary commentary from the word of God from a Historic (Primitive) Baptist perspective.

Grace and Mercy Hour

Podcast of Rocky Mount Primitive Baptist Church, Arab Alabama, pastored by Matt Jordan.

From The Pulpit

Audio Sermons by Benjamin Winslett, from the pulpit of Flint River Primitive Baptist Church, located near Huntsville Alabama. Latest episodes:

Truth Made Simple

The pulpit ministry of Joshua Winslett, pastor of Beulah Primitive Baptist Church in Leeds, Alabama. Podcast features simple, verse-by-verse, Bible expositions with topics spanning from Christian living to salvation.  Latest Episodes

Gospel of Grace

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast is brought to you by Elder David Wise, pastor of Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church in Ackerman, Mississippi and Elder Joe Nettles, pastor of Sulphur Springs Primitive Baptist Church in Caledonia, Mississippi. Coverage Information:Starkville, Mississippi ― 8:00-8:30am (CST) Sunday Morning ― 96.1 FM (WLZA)Tupelo, Mississippi ― 10:30-11:00am (CST) Saturday Morning ― 940 AM /…

Words of Grace

Words of Grace is the radio ministry of Benjamin Winslett, pastor of Flint River Primitive Baptist Church near Huntsville Alabama.

Twelve Marks Of The Apostolic Church

By Sylvester Hassell, Published in Hassell’s History, 1886 Shorter, Condensed Text 1st Mark. The apostolic church consisted only of those persons who had been convicted of sin by the Holy Ghost, and who had given signs of repentance towards God, and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God. 2nd Mark. True baptism,–the immersion,…