The Dread of Gethsemane

As we draw one week closer to Easter Sunday, we continue our series on the events immediately before, during, and after the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ. Today, we want to slow down a bit and join Jesus and three of His disciples in a very sad and dreadful moment in the Garden of…

That Last Evening

The day before Jesus’ arrest was a whirlwind with Passover, preaching, warnings, words of encouragement, exposing/acknowledging a false prophet, instituting the ordinance of Communion, washing His disciples’ feet, and then an all night effort of prayer. Join us for this message on the final evening prior to the crucifixion.

How is Jesus the Only Begotten?

Jesus’ title as God’s “only begotten Son” is as historic as the New Testament itself, and is common language used in commentaries, sermons, creeds and confessions all through church history. However, in recent years, so-called New Testament Greek experts and bible translators have attempted, in vain, to redefine that as something else. In this broadcast,…

His Appointed Time

From selected scriptures, Pastor Winslett speaks to the fact that the Christ not only was born into the world at an appointed time, but He died for the sins of His people at an appointed time as well.

The So-called Experts Who Aren’t

Modern Christians put a lot of stock in seminary professors. These men are often acclaimed bloggers, lecturers, authors, and occasionally, keynote speakers at conferences. Personally, I have found myself to be more and more skeptical of such. In more liberal seminaries, stories of the Bible and the authorship of scripture are questioned. But even in…