How is Jesus the Only Begotten?

Jesus’ title as God’s “only begotten Son” is as historic as the New Testament itself, and is common language used in commentaries, sermons, creeds and confessions all through church history. However, in recent years, so-called New Testament Greek experts and bible translators have attempted, in vain, to redefine that as something else. In this broadcast,…

Psalm 30 | Hugh Sanders

We were blessed to have Elder Hugh Sanders fill a special appointment at Flint River last night, Monday November 25, 2019. His message, an exposition of Psalm 30, was very encouraging. You can watch it via the Marchtozion youtube channel or download it in mp3 format. MP3 version: Click here to download

Baptist Perpetuity Before J.R. Graves

Many modern church historians claim that Baptist perpetuity, the belief that the Baptist Church is the only true Church that Jesus Christ established and has existed since the first century under various names, was fabricated by Baptist minister, J. R. Graves. Graves lived from 1820-1893. Most then would place Landmarkism, falsely so called, only appearing…

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Baptists Should Be More Charitable and Kind

by Lee Hanks Advocate and Messenger, April, 1934 When I was a boy in the ministry about fifty-four years ago, I traveled with a precious old father in Israel who was loving, tender and kind to me. If I made a misquotation, a mispronunciation or an ungrammatical expression he would privately tell me about it….