By Sylvester Hassell

According to the admission of the wisest evolutionists in the world, the belief is only an unprovable theory and not an established fact. Their theories are constantly changing. They contradict themselves and one another, and the facts of nature, and the unchangeable truths of the Scriptures, and their speculations are not worth the paper upon which they are written or printed. The ablest evolutionists confess that they know nothing of the origin or government or destiny of the universe; and thus they are utterly unqualified to teach their irreligion or infidelity in tax supported schools, eighty per cent of our people abhorring and rejecting those godless theories. The evolutionists call their theories “the assured results of science,” just as the believers in the Ptolemaic Theory of the solar system held for fourteen hundred years the false theory of Claudius Ptolemy of Egypt, that the sun, moon, planets, and stars revolve every twenty-four hours around the earth as their center, until in 1543 Nicolas Copernicus proved that the earth, moon, and planets revolve around the sun as a center. The Atomic Theory of matter, first invented by the Hindu philosophers about 1200 B. C., and still held by the philosophers of the world, was proved to be false in 1898, by Madame Curie’s discovery of radium and its application to atoms (which word means indivisible and which, though invisible by the most powerful microscopes and are, therefore, objects of natural faith), such application showing that so-called atoms are composed of positive and negative electrons protons and ions, supposed by some to be electricity and by others to be ether, no human being on earth knowing what electricity or ether is; but those so-called atoms (of which 92 kinds are known), have exact combining weights and volumes shown on the first pages of our chemistries, thus demonstrating that, as the greatest chemists say, they have all the qualities of manufactured articles (not making themselves), which is an absurdity, but were made by an eternal, almighty and all wise God.

The Duke of Argyle, in his magnificent work on “The Unity of Nature” well says that “the Processes of the Negative Philosophy systematically suppress more than one-half of the facts of nature; and as systematically they silence more than one-half of the faculties of man;” and yet these philosophers claim to be honest seekers after truth! And with such vain and proud sophistry they are doing their utmost to plunge the world into perdition. Such philosophy is not science, but Paganism and idolatry. Gregor Mendel of Austria proved in 1865 that crossbreeds have short and definite limitations and therefore, that one species cannot permanently change with another. And Louis Pasteur of France proved by the most exact and careful experiments in 1876 that the living can not come from the non-living. Dr. Hunter Maguire of Richmond, Va., chief of the Medical Staff of Stonewall Jackson’s army, said to me in 1890, when I took a patient to St. Luke’s Home for the Sick in Richmond, “A specialist sees the world through a crack and, therefore knows very little of it.” The phrase, Natural Selection, is a foolish contradiction; blind nature cannot select. And the so-called “Survival of the Fittest” has well been called “a bloody ladder” by which, through murder, one species or race ascends to a higher level, justifying violence and war, and utterly opposing the love and peace taught in the Bible. Hundreds and thousands of dollars have been vainly offered to the evolutionists, agnostics, and infidels, to debate publicly their theories as opposed to the Bible, and few have dared to accept the challenge, well knowing that their superstitions are indefensible. The Bible Champion, a monthly magazine of Reading, Pa., is published for $2.00 a year, and is a most able defender of the Bible against all its assailants. And The Crusaders Champion, published weekly at Clearwater, Fla., at $2.00 a year, has just been started in defense of the Bible. Mr. George F. Washburn, a Boston capitalist, now of Clearwater, Fla., a long-time friend and associate of Mr. William Jennings Bryan, succeeds him as President of the Bible Crusaders of America, and has offered to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to employ able and learned lecturers in Tennessee and other States to stem the rising and menacing tide of Paganism in our country, which threatens the ruin of the United States. The Roman Pagans of the first three centuries after Christ murdered about two hundred thousand Christians; the Roman Catholics and Mohammedans of the Dark Ages cruelly tortured and slew about sixty millions of believers in the Bible, the Catholic infidels making a goddess of a harlot, Madame Desmoulines; and the atheistic and anarchistic Russian Soviets of the Twentieth Century have murdered millions of Russians and tried to Abolish religion, matrimony, and civilization and to turn men and women into beasts and demons; while true Christians love, pray for, and do good to their enemies, thus demonstrating the Heavenly nature of their Divinely revealed religion. I believe that, but for restraining laws and providences, agnostics, evolutionists, and atheists would now in their ignorance, intolerance, and bigotry and their hatred of God and His people, repeat the atrocities of their predecessors upon those who truly believe in the Old and New Testament Scriptures. Shall such devilishness be allowed by the sane people of this and other countries?

The so-called Recapitulation Theory, assuming that, because human embryos resemble, in their early stages, the embryos of some lower animals, therefore man is a descendant of those animals, proves the ignorance of these speculators, because a human embryo always develops into a human being.

“We can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.” {2Co 13:8} All that the enemies of truth say against truth (yet, unintentionally on their part), establishes the truth of God’s word in the minds and hearts of all who are taught of God, because such opposition proves the growing degeneracy and sinfulness of the human race. The Congress of the United States has passed a law that nothing that discredits the Holy Bible shall be taught in the public schools of the District of Columbia. The State Text Book Board of Texas has ordered the theory of evolution to be eliminated from the Text Books used in the Public Schools of that great State. Luther Burbank, a California gardener, who has, by cross-breedings of closely related species of plants, produced new variations, which, if left alone, soon revert to their original types, has recently reached the top rung in the ladder of blasphemy, in not only avowing himself to be an infidel, but also in calling the Lord Jesus Christ an infidel, reducing the Divine Savior to the level of the founders of the heathen religions, but also to his own low level, and contradicting Christ’s solemn declaration that the wicked shall be cast into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels.-. {Mt 25:41}

Our life’s little day will soon be spent. “It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.” {Heb 9:27} “What shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” {Mr 8:36}

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