Evolution Disproved

By C.H. Cayce

We have received from the author, Rev. William A. Williams, 1202 Atlantic Ave., Camden, N. J., a book called “Evolution Disproved.” In this book the author makes fifty arguments, each of which clearly disproves the doctrine or theory of evolution. Mr. Williams shows from a number of mathematical calculations, problems in simple arithmetic, that evolution cannot be true. It is true there are a few statements in the book, but not on evolution, which we cannot accept, and on which we do not agree with the author. But that does not prevent us recommending the careful reading and studying of the same. Evolution is simply infidelity under another name, and it is being taught in our schools. It denies the work of God in creation; it denies the virgin birth of our Saviour; it denies any future state or existence of man after the death of the body. Get a copy of this book and read it and study it, and encourage your children to read and study it. It is good clear print, on good paper, and well and neatly bound in cloth. Price $1 a single copy. Send your order to us or to the author at the address given above. Just here we want to copy a few lines from the work. On page 122, under the heading, “Five Tremendous Facts,” paragraph 1 says: Jesus, a peasant, is hailed today as King by people speaking 750 languages and dialects, in all climes, and of all classes. People of every color raise to Him the song of praise and crown Him “Lord of all.” There is nothing like this in all history. No other has ever approached this degree of sovereignty. His kingdom pervades the world. It is a fact that challenges thought. No world conqueror has ever had such an empire. Beside this the royalty of men like Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, Napolean, and more modern aspirants is shadowy and ghostlike. His is an abiding and spiritual dominion. Beginning again on page 124, under the heading,”The Meaning of the Facts,” we read: What shall we say of this Man? He accepted Peter’s tribute. He allowed Jews to take up stones to stone Him for claiming to be the Son of God. He was conscious of being divine. He forgave sins, which is God’s prerogative. He promised rest to the weary soul, which the Old Testament set forth as God’s own gift. He said that He came to give life eternal, although God is the giver of life. He said that none could know the Father except through Him. He spoke to God of the glory which they shared together before the world was. Just in proportion as men have acknowledged His claims in their hearts have they found peace with God and conquest over sin and fear of worldly evil. As we consider all these things we are led to repeat Peter’s confession, “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God,” for God the Father’s face shines upon us through Him and heaven is opened to us as we look upon Him. In the heart of this the purest of men was the clear, constant consciousness that He was divine. He always spoke and acted consistently with this consciousness. Unique in character, He made claims that would have stamped any other man as an impostor. Humility and majesty dwell together in Him. He could say, “I am meek and lowly in heart,” and also “I and my Father are one.” He would call men His “brethren” and yet accept from them the words, “My Lord and my God.” This wonderful character came of a race that had for ages looked for the coming of a Messiah, and whose prophetic literature was burdened with this hope. After His death His disciples who were heartbroken and cowed became inspired with a heroism that cheerfully faced martyrdom. All these facts are shining lights that point to the truth which Peter confessed. That truth is enshrined in the triumphant words of the Te Deum, “Thou art the King of glory, O Christ. Thou art the everlasting Son of the Father.” And the Christ of history, the exalted Son of God, is a living Presence with us today. Not remote but ever near, He walks by our side in all life’s experiences. Not only enthroned in heavenly glory “But warm, sweet, tender, even yet A’present help is He, And faith has still its Olivet And love its Galilee.” Such is our wonderful Saviour, a Friend with human heart of sympathy who has trod our pathway and is touched with the feeling of our infirmities; a Shepherd who gave His life for the sheep in an all-atoning sacrifice; an Advocate who represents us with all-prevailing power before the throne of the Judge Eternal; a Champion who can break the power of canceled sin and set the prisoner free; a Victor who can smite death’s threatening wave before us; a Lord in whom we see the beauty and glory of the face of God. We are called upon to confess Him with lip and life. To us to live is Christ. Knowing Him we have eternal life. We have all the soul needs in Jesus. There is no substitute for Him. None can share His throne in our hearts. The Kingdom is His who is the Christ-the anointed King. Our joy is in Him, where all fullness dwells. We can say with Charles Wesley,”Thou, O Christ, art all I want,” and our daily life should be one of close, constant communion with Christ. The foregoing copied from Evolution Disproved, is good reading to us. Is it not good to you? What wonderful and precious truths contained therein! We believe and feel that Rev. Williams has an experimental knowledge of the Lord, and has been brought into divine relationship with Him.

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