The Spirit among the Body

The Holy Spirit can lead a man to study and prepare for a message on a specific subject to be delivered many weeks in the future. The Holy Spirit can change a man’s mind when he steps into the pulpit. The same Spirit gives what is needed regardless of when or how the opportunity develops.

The overseer is to take heed to himself and to the flock (Acts 20:28). As he does, the Spirit will lead the overseer into those things that the flock needs. As the flock takes heed to the overseer’s teaching and preaching, they will see more clearly the Lord meeting their needs. The needs of individuals are often met by the Spirit working in the lives of others within the flock. They have the responsibility to search the scriptures to see that these things are so, but taking heed to the truth strengthens them individually and as a body.

A vital component of a healthy church body is the Spirit-led work of the overseer in teaching and preaching the word of God. This work goes on (or should) between scheduled assembly times. It is done publicly and privately. Both venues are necessary. Neither is limited to a specific day of the week. Both the overseer and the flock should be continually awake to the work of the Spirit in their lives.

The operation of the Spirit in the midst of a body of believers is not a weekly assignment. The Spirit isn’t limited to working within a particular week or only on Sunday morning. If a body of believers is willing to follow, they will realize that the Spirit works continually among them; flowing through the lives of each member, bringing them together in unity, and knitting them together as one.

Lord, give us strength and wisdom.

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