The Trinity, M121 Podcast

Last year, I joined Josh Coker by phone for a recording session of his M121 podcast, speaking to biblical, Trinitarian theology. We discussed the three Persons of the Trinity and their respective roles in salvation and our lives, but also dangerous and erroneous views we ought to avoid. Of course, there’s no way to discuss…

What We Miss

Over the past two weekends on Words of Grace, we have been focusing on the blessing of God’s house. Specifically, why we ought to obey God and attend worship each week but also the great blessing of experiencing His presence as we gather. Church attendance in America is at an all time low. What better…

Who Is God?

Who is God? Ben Winslett gives a short answer to that infinitely complex question.

The Spirit among the Body

The Holy Spirit can lead a man to study and prepare for a message on a specific subject to be delivered many weeks in the future. The Holy Spirit can change a man’s mind when he steps into the pulpit. The same Spirit gives what is needed regardless of when or how the opportunity develops….

Questions On Galatians 3:2

I received these questions via email…below are my answers. I was hoping you could impart your thoughts to me on Galatians 3:2 –1) In what sense is Paul talking about receiving the Spirit? 2) What is meant by the “hearing of faith”? 3) And does this verse at all correlate with Romans 10:17 ***** First,…

The Two Functions of the Holy Spirit

By Michael Gowens It is important to distinguish between what old preachers called “the two functions of the Holy Spirit.” In relation to the Everlasting Covenant, he is the agent of regeneration and has been functioning in that role since there was an elect on the earth (Jno. 5:25a — “The hour is coming and…

A Brief Look at Sign Gifts, Faith Healing & Tongues

By Michael Gowens The last century brought a significant change to the religious landscape of the West. With the upsurge of Pentecostalism in the early 1900’s and the Charismatic Movement it spawned, the configuration of the Christian community was significantly altered. No longer was Christianity defined by the two traditional categories of emphasis—Evangelicals and Catholics….