His Appointed Time

From selected scriptures, Pastor Winslett speaks to the fact that the Christ not only was born into the world at an appointed time, but He died for the sins of His people at an appointed time as well.

Regarding Eternal Subordination

Getting Christology right is important. We certainly do not want to be guilty of believing in “another Jesus” than the authentic Jesus Christ that scripture presents to us. The earliest wars within Christianity were fought over this notion, and more than one form of heresy attacking Christ’s identity was propagated. In recent years, the concept…

Reconciled on the Cross

To reconcile means to “to resolve or settle a difference.” Through sin, humans are enemies and alienated from God’s presence and blessings and without reconciliation, we would have no hope in standing before God after death, certain judgment awaiting. But praise God, He sent His Son into the world to die for our sins, saving…

A Word of Comfort from John Chapter 6, Part 1

This weekend’s episode of Words of Grace featured part 1 of a message from John chapter 6 entitled A Word of Comfort. To believers in Sovereign Grace, John chapter 6 is a beloved passage. From it, we learn truths about Jesus as our source of spiritual sustenance as the Bread of Life, as well as…

The Real Christ, from Colossians Chapter 1 (Sermon)

History is filled with people who diminished the awesome grandeur and divinity of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Who is He? Tune in to this week’s message to learn the truth about our great God from the scriptures. Col 1:15 KJV – Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every…

Who Is God?

Who is God? Ben Winslett gives a short answer to that infinitely complex question.

Two Tombs, One Empty

It’s a great irony that archaeologists have discovered the remains of Caiaphas son of Joseph, the high priest who ruled at the time of Christ’s ministry, the man who personally oversaw the first of three mock trials of Jesus, effectively orchestrating all that followed. Why? Because there’s another tomb in Jerusalem that has no remains….

What Makes the Difference?

The resurrection of our Savior is the greatest proof of his divinity and complete success in saving sinners. Any person could see this sign and know that Jesus really was God manifest in the flesh. However, all did not believe even though there was irrefutable evidence. This was even true before Christ’s resurrection when he…

What Day was Christ Crucified?

There are three basic views concerning the day that Christ was crucified. The majority view is a Friday crucifixion, commonly called Good Friday. A second view that has gained some popularity is that Christ was crucified on Wednesday. There is also a third view that blends the other views and places the crucifixion on Thursday….