Some Words of Advice to Primitive Baptist Ministers

By WS Craig, Kearney Nebraska

From the preface to this republication:

It is hard to imagine a more valuable, concise, and honest writing on the subject of the ministry than this brief work, Some Words Of Advice To Baptist Ministers, by Elder W. S. Craig. This work is truly unique. Elder Craig speaks from his heart and counsels the ministry in a loving, fatherly way.

The original printing from which this republished edition is taken was found tattered and stained in our Library at Flint River Primitive Baptist Church. After reading the great words of wisdom contained in it and realizing that this booklet was out of print, relatively unheard of, and very difficult to find, I felt compelled to reproduce it so our people, and especially our ministry, could glean the knowledge which this dear brother shared a century ago.

I pray this finds a worthy place in your own personal library. More importantly, my prayer is that this dear Elder’s recommendations help to sharpen our skills as ministers of the true gospel, so that we may more effectively feed God’s children.

“Iron sharpeneth iron…” – Proverbs 27:17

Ben Winslett


NOTE: We had originally intended to republish this booklet in paper form and may accomplish this at a later date. However, it would be a great shame to withhold this wonderful booklet from our people. You can download the entire book in PDF format.

59 pages, PDF

>>>Click here to download this file as PDF<<<

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