Encouragement for Parents and Children, Especially the Mothers

Upon reading last Saturday morning I was quite struck by the below quote.

Quote from Practical Suggestions for “The Common People”, Chapter 14-Home Influence, by Elder J. H. Oliphant. (1904)

“As a rule, children are dearer to parents than parents are to children. The children’s best interest make the burden of parents, not only while they are little, but when they are grown up and gone out to do for themselves they are still watched and cared for by the parents. Children never have but one mother; none else can love as she loves; none can fill her place. This is also true of the father; he is not, as a rule, so demonstrative as the mother, but he never lays by his interest in the children, and he willingly toils for their good till strength is gone. Children often fail to realize how deep, strong, and true is parental love, till it is too late to reciprocate it by deeds of tinder kindness.

“He is too young to know it now,

But some day he will know.”

“Above her little sufferer’s bed,

With all a mother’s grace,

She stroked the curly, throbbing head,

And soothed the fevered face.

‘He does not know my love, my fears,

My toil of heart and hand;

But some day, in the after-years,

Some day he’ll understand;

Some day he’ll know

I loved him so,

Some day he’ll understand.’

“A wild lad plays his thoughtless part,

As fits his childhood’s lot,

And tramples on his mother’s heart

Ofttimes and knows it not.

He plays among his noisy mates,

Nor knows his truest friend;

His mother sighs as still she waits,

‘Some day he’ll understand;

The day will be

When will he see;

Some day he’ll comprehend.’

“The strong youth plays his strenuous part;

His mother waits alone,

And soon he finds another heart,

The mate unto his own.

She gives him up in joy and woe,

He takes his young brides hand.

His mother murmurs, ‘Will he know

And ever understand?

When will he know

I love him so;

When will he understand?’

“A bearded man of serious years,

Bends down above the dead,

And rains the tribute of his tears

Over an old gray head.

He stands the open grave above,

Amid the mourning bands;

And now he know his mother’s love,

And now he understands.

Now doth he know

She loved him so.

And now he understands.”

“Honor thy father and thy mother that thy days may be long upon the earth.”” End Quote

A few extra thoughts: Two principles I’ve personally learned as a parent. First, it is true that a boy only has one mother. My two children, Levi and Luke, love me but they only have one Mother. Secondly, I have learned through loving my own children something that I never knew before. That is how much my parents love me. This is called experiential knowledge. Though I did know consciously that they loved me, I didn’t fully comprehend their love until I experienced it myself.

Finally, consider that we will never fully understand God’s love because we will never fully experience how he eternally, and unconditionally loves his children.

May we be appreciative and gracious toward both our earthly parents and Everlasting Father. Have a blessed weekend.

Originally published December 2016

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