A Primitive Baptist Perspective on Habakkuk

About the Book

A Primitive Baptist Perspective on Habakkuk is the result of the studies of Joshua Winslett as he preached through Habakkuk at Beulah Primitive Baptist Church in Leeds, Alabama. These notes are written in traditional commentary format and include an introduction that helps set the stage for studying this Minor Prophet. The cover of this small study shows a path in Green Lake Park of Kunming, China. The set, prepared path portrays the inevitability of God’s prophecy and the musical symbol shows the final singing heart of Habakkuk while observes the path. About the Author: Joshua Winslett was ordained to the gospel ministry on August 7, 2010. Josh has served as pastor of Antioch Church in Oxford, MS, Bethel Church in Clanton, AL, and is presently pastoring Beulah Church in Leeds, AL. He has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social Work. He has been married to his wife Rebecca since 2008 and they are blessed with three wonderful children.

Publisher: MarchtoZion.com
Publication Year: 2021
Format: Paperback
Length: 40
ISBN: 9781312592742
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