Bible Study Notebook

A systematic study of God’s word can be a daunting task. Just like the Ethiopian eunuch who needed some man to guide him, we often stand in need of counsel and guidance while searching the scriptures. Thankfully, by permission of the author, we are now making available a free PDF copy of the Bible Study Notebook written by Elder Vernon Johnson. Elder Johnson has been compiling these articles over the span of many years, and has provided copies of this Bible Study Notebook to any serious student of the scripture he encounters. By God’s providence, this study guide has been used in evangelistic efforts at home and abroad. Many of the churches and fellowships in Africa have used this resource as a foundation for their studies in practical godliness, truth, and doctrine.

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Bible Study Outline Table of Contents

I.  The Scriptures

II.  Attributes of God

III.  Doctrines of God

IV.  The Gospel and Its Purpose and Utility

V.  The Kingdom of God

VI.  The Church

VII.  Articles of Faith

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