What is the Church? Book Release

MTZ is thankful to announce a new book release from David Wise about the scriptural pattern and structure of the church. Excerpt: “The church is so much more dynamic and life-encompassing than just something we “go to” once a week. The church is not just one event on our schedule that we attend for a few hours each week, check that box, and then proceed to the rest of our busy daily schedules. Church is not merely something “we do” once a week, but rather the church is “who we are.” We are the body of Christ. Church is not simply a weekly event we attend, but church is a life we live.”

If you wish to purchase this book, you may go to the MTZ Bookstore or follow the direct link below.

Click here to purchase What is the Church? on Lulu for $10

Additionally, a free PDF copy of this work can be found for download at this link.

You may listen to sermons on each of this book’s topics at this link.

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