Should Pastors Preach on Politics?

The following are some thoughts that came to mind after seeing a Politico article on political endorsements coming from the pulpit. (Read the article here)

While we have a charge to preach Biblical morality on some issues that have waxed political (abortion, marriage, sexual morality, etc.), we have no authority to waste time preaching politics. I have as many or more political and economic opinions as anybody, trust me. I also express them in appropriate settings. But the pulpit is a place for the gospel.

Some things to consider:

– America is not a theocracy.

– Some religious people have used state power to enforce their sect’s theology to the persecution of other sects or factions.

– God’s only theocracy (Israel) officially came to an end in the first century.

– God does have a kingdom – His Church – which is a kingdom not of this world.

– God is more concerned with the spiritual health of His Church than the USA.

– The Church’s health does not depend on the spirituality of the American government.

– The Church predated America and will survive should America cease to be.

– Most godly people over the past 2000 years have lived in nations with leaders who were opposed to their ideals. We aren’t promised prosperity and ease for being faithful.

– Evil men WILL wax worse and worse.

– Neither Jesus nor the Apostles wasted time preaching on politics.

– Paul ministered under a Emperor named Nero, who harshly persecuted the church, yet his admonition concerning government was to pray for leaders.

– At no time did Paul write to “save Rome for Christ.”

– It should never be our goal to obey God just for the purpose of “saving this nation.”

– Politicians on both sides use religion and religious people to gain or advance their own power or agenda.

The church is the salt of the Earth. Yet our savor is not protest, rebellion, rage, hysteria, or sermons on political candidates. It’s living a life like Christ lived, fearing God, and obeying and teaching His commandments. By all means, call on men to repent from their wicked ways (such as John Baptist with Herod, Paul with Agrippa). But, don’t think our spiritual answers lie with men who have an R or D after their names. And by all means – keep in mind the precious, sacred time we have in worship and utilize it for the proclaiming of God’s word, not politics.

Originally published November 2014

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