Short Note on the New Birth

To say the new birth makes no difference, whatsoever, in a person’s life is just as much an error as insisting born again people will always grow more and more holy, persevering in righteous living until death, with death being the most holy point of their life in a practical sense.

The reality is that a regenerated person has two opposing natures (two – not one), at constant warfare against each other. Whichever nature is “fed” the most, at any given time, will be the dominant one. But the fact remains: he still has TWO natures. Both natures are present in his life. Neither nature will be eradicated by the other in this life. You can read Galatians 5 for a description of these two natures.

Many redeemed Bible characters made a huge mess of their lives (Samson with Delilah, David with Bathsheba, etc). At the same time, throughout it all, there was an internal conflict and struggle. They experienced remorse. They experienced chastening. The love of God was shed abroad in their hearts.

There is a “strait and narrow” between the ditches of Super-saint Lordship salvation and Ineffectualism. I offer this as an expression of concern. Never let us avoid one error by embracing another.

Originally published March 2017

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