How to Video your Sermons

I have recently begun making short videos and live streaming our Sunday morning sermons via Facebook Live. Since several have been curious about this as a possible avenue for teaching, I felt inclined to share some “how to” information along these lines.

Since my brief “how to” ended up being 5 pages long, I felt it better to save as a PDF file, which you can download by clicking this link.

Here is my introduction to the article:

“First, let me just say that recording videos and publishing them on various forms of social media, particularly Facebook, seems to have great potential for reaching new people with the true gospel message in 2017. In generations past, our brothers utilized the print press, and then radio, for similar purposes. Folks in my generation are much more inclined to subscribe to a podcast or blog than they are to tune in to a radio program at a certain time each week or to pick up and read a newsletter. Christ never told us to stop fishing for me, so we must go where the fish are, so to speak.

One useful tool is video. While Youtube is the top choice (many children watch this over TV), a new channel would struggle to find viewers. My suggestion is to build an audience through Facebook, and then also upload any video you produce on a Youtube channel as well. Most church Facebook pages already have far more subscribers than you’d get in several years’ time on Youtube.

There are two types of videos you can produce: Short videos and full length sermons.”

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