Get To Work, You!

Ministers should understand from the onset that their purpose is to serve the Lord’s bride, His church.

Sometimes, a man will have it in his mind that he’s a “big name” preacher and can only serve a “big name” church. This attitude will ruin a man and any church he assumes the care for, unless the Lord intervenes and applies His chastening rod.

Other times, a minister might only be interested in serving a church where things are lively and exciting; a church that has “a good thing going on.” But God doesn’t send us into His harvest with the entitlement to only labor where things are lively and exciting. Truly, a church that is healthy is the result of an effective ministry and the Lord’s blessing. If anything, we should view a lukewarm or dormant climate as a more crucial ministry need and opportunity. No other factor being under consideration, which church seems in need of help more, an active one or a struggling one? The struggling one for sure. Man of God, this is why you are called! God has called you to preach for moments such as this.

Sometimes we look at a smaller or less well known church as being less important. What a shame this attitude is. That’s Jesus bride you’re talking about. Do you think she’s less important to Him? Was not His precious blood shed to redeem her? Small churches are just as important to Jesus as big churches. Do we care about the cause or our own reputations?

We are not gifted to preach simply for our own benefit or glory. For shame! God called us to feed His sheep. Are we willing? Consider these things, the Lord give thee understanding.

And I will very gladly spend and be spent for you… 2 Corinthians 12:15

Originally published May 2017

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