Commentary on Galatians

By Joshua Winslett

These commentary notes are the culmination of studies done by Joshua Winslett as he preached through the book of Galatians at Beulah Primitive Baptist Church in Leeds, AL. They are written in traditional commentary format and span the entirety of the book. The commentary includes a book introduction, book outline, chapter introductions, as well as comments on every verse. This commentary is written from a Primitive Baptist perspective.

From the introduction: “The epistle can be broken into a primary and secondary theme. The primary theme is that salvation is by the free grace of God and experienced by faith which comes from Christ apart from works of the law. The secondary theme would be Paul’s defense of his apostolic authority over the Judaizing false teaching. Paul is then writing to reestablish the Galatians in the true gospel of grace. To achieve the primary goal of saving the churches from false doctrine and back to free grace in Christ, Paul must first prove his authority over the false teachers. After which, Paul then directs his full attention on justification in Christ without the works of the law, and the liberty of life that we have with our union in Christ.”

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