Articles of Faith Verse Outlines

By David Wise

As I studied in-depth and preached through the Articles of Faith at Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church and also preached through our pattern of New Testament worship in the church, I compiled a verse outline to convey the scriptural support for our beliefs – both in doctrine and in practice.  I am providing this PDF version of the verse outlines in hopes that they will help you in your defense of the faith once delivered to the saints, to provide the proper scriptural support for the beliefs and practices of the Primitive Baptists.

Click here to view and download the PDF – Articles of Faith and Worship Verse Outline.

I also preached through our church’s Articles of Faith and on the proper pattern of worship at Macedonia as well.  The sermons that accompany each of those topics can be accessed at our church website and the links to those pages are provided on this MTZ page.

Click here to listen to sermons on the Articles of Faith and New Testament Worship.

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