Alas And Did My Saviour Bleed (Communion)

Last year, Jesse Latimer, one of our song leaders and a dear friend, shared several hymnsinging albums with me during our season of Covid-19 “Drive in services.” At that time, we were playing a collection of hymns prior to the message over a sound system, everyone being in their automobiles. One particular hymn that I fell in love with was a song recorded by Memphis Harmony entitled Communion. It’s actually a variation of “Alas and Did my Saviour Bleed,” set to a different tune and with a chorus. I’ve used this hymn on my radio program on a few occasions and received positive feedback about it. This came as no surprise, as it’s now one of my favorite recordings to listen to.

Unfortunately, this hymn only has one verse. Using Google, I found it in an old, out hymnal that is long out of print. But in my opinion, this arrangement is too fitting to not have the entirety of Isaac Watts lyrics to this beloved hymn available. Well, ask and you shall receive. This past week, Jesse produced a complete version to this tune. You can download the PDF file below.

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