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Guess what? Our fresh website is now live! We still have a little tweaking to do here or there, but we’re pleased to announce the all new

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Why Do People Suffer?

The past 12 months have been met with so much suffering. In the midst of our afflictions, we often ask why? Why is there so much suffering in the world? In this short film, pastor Ben Winslett gives Biblical reasons for the causes of our various afflictions.

The Doctrines of Grace

By Josh Winslett This article is titled the Doctrines of Grace. Simply put, the doctrines of grace describes the doctrinal belief that emphasizes the complete sovereignty of God in the salvation of sinners. For the purpose of brevity we will discuss the five main points of this belief. These points can be illustrated by using…

Why Should I Believe in Predestination?

Have you ever heard of predestination? Unless you’re a part of a denomination that teaches it, you probably have 1) never heard of it or, 2) heard very negative and scary things about it. Along with several other orders of faith, as Primitive Baptists, we believe in predestination. But what is predestination? Combined with the…