Words Of Grace Print

Featuring a capella hymn singing and Bible exposition, since 2008 Words of Grace is the radio ministry of Benjamin Winslett, pastor of Flint River Primitive Baptist Church near Huntsville Alabama.

Station Listing
Huntsville, Alabama - Sundays at 8:30am (CST) on 1140 AM WBXR
Scottsboro, Alabama - Sundays at 9:30am (CST) on 1330 AM WZCT
Tupelo, Mississippi - Sundays at 5:30pm (CST) on 940 AM WCPC
Augusta, Georgia - Sundays at 3:30pm (CST) on 1050 AM WFAM
Chattanooga, Tennessee - Fridays at 8:00pm (EST) on 1450 AM WLMR

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