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Written by Vaughn Winslett   
Tuesday, 18 May 2010 23:58

A pastor's commentary about the newly released to theaters movie "The Passion of the Christ."

The media is once again buzzing about as they do when they pick up a subject about which they wish to make known and glorify. We see the release of a movie, which is said to be scripturally correct and them glorifying the man who made the movie. I wonder why they do not wish to glorify the Lord instead. The movie will make those involved untold millions of dollars.

I have no desire to see the movie with mans input. It is better and scripturally correct to search the scripture, which testifies of the Lord, not glorify the movie producer and enhance his checkbook. I do not want to see a mortal man portray the Lord. We are to strive to be as our Lord Jesus Christ but to see a sinful mortal man portray the sinless, glorious Son of God is not something I desire to see.

I have heard several comments on the movie. Many complain because it is anti semitic. It is said to portray Jews in a bad way because they rejected the Son of God. Scripture teaches that the Jewish leaders delivered the Lord to be crucified out of envy. They desired the glory of God, which is Christ our Lord's. It is given of God, for God glorified Him, Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The Lord closed their eyes that they cannot see.

Man portrays Jesus as only man, a prophet, weak, as He was only man. Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God. He is not weak. We could not kill Him. He laid down His life. He raised it up again. He did this in His power, which is the power of God! The Son of God lowered Himself for the purpose of death to redeem His people from their sins.

One person commented that the producer had done so well in portraying the suffering of Christ. The producer was lifted up; the producer was glorified.

Brethren, the Lord was lifted up. His body became sin for us. He was lifted up on the cross; God became glorified. He was lifted being resurrected from the grace and God is glorified. He was lifted up as he was received back into glory (God being glorified) and when he is lifted up above all and calls all of His people to Him at the last trump He is glorified. Glory to God and not man!

Many are taking whole congregations to see the movie as a worship service. The Lord's church is to assemble to worship in prayer, singing, and preaching His Word in scripture, not man's ideas. This fuels blind zeal, false teaching, and heresies. Many say that this movie will tear down walls and bring all orders of religion together. Why would we want to tear down the walls God's watchmen are placed upon by grace to warn of the doctrines of man? The church is separate; do not join worldly doctrines. We have enemies for the gospel's sake. We are to follow scriptural instruction.

It amazes me that so many who profess to be the Lord's either do not read scripture or do not understand it. A movie will not instruct one in scripture anymore than one of man's new easy to read Bibles. The 1611 KJV is scripture and the Spirit draws and interprets.

The Lord Jesus Christ is not a longhaired, passive, weakened, hippy. He is the Son of God. He is the power of God. He fulfilled everything God the Father gave Him to do. Scripture testifies of this.

God gives understanding. Search the scripture daily, pray without ceasing.

The passion of Christ is His love for you, His people who God gave Him.

In Humble Submission,
Elder Vaughn Winslett



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