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Written by Bufrey Dean   
Tuesday, 18 May 2010 16:46

By Bufrey Dean

Most people today believe that God performed many miracles in the olden days, but not in this day and age, at least nothing lately. I have found out and do know better. God has not changed. He is still in control and performs miracles today.


In late 2000, I was examined and placed on a liver transplant waiting list at the UAB Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. After much testing and many lab visits, even though I was a non-smoker and non-drinker, I had inherited a gene from the Dean side of my family which caused me to have a serious liver disease, named Alpha I. According to three (3) categories: blood type, physical size (weight and height) and medical health condition, I was number one hundred and seventy five (175) on the transplant list.


After two years on the list, I was still visiting the doctor and the lab on a monthly basis. I was placed on a salt-free, fluid reduction diet, heavily medicated and gradually moved up to number 25 on the list. By June 2002, I had moved up to number 9 on the list; however, during November 2002 I was rushed by ambulance to UAB Hospital, due to sudden blood loss. The next day I was given six (6) pints of O + blood and plasma via blood transfusion. My doctors tried many different things, but the bleeding continued. During a much-needed nap, I was pleasingly blessed with a visit from God. In the divine presence of the great God of heaven and earth, the Lord plainly spoke to me these words: "I am the God of Abraham, I am the God of Isaac, and I am the God of Jacob and more so, I am your God. I am the God of promise. I promise that I will always be with you and will deliver you. I am the great physician and I will heal you. Be not afraid." To ensure me that this was surely a visit from on high, immediately, the bleeding stopped. All my doctors were amazed and said that a miracle had taken place. The presence of Jesus was there with us to perform this miracle. There is no question that He delivered me from the shadow of death. We all shouted praise, honor and glory to God. I was gradually moved up to # five, # three and then # one on the waiting list in December 2002.

After the holidays, I was at the point of death and on January 5, 2003, I was rushed to UAB Hospital. On January 11th, Dr. Bynon asked all the nurses on my floor to come together into my room and announce the good news: "God has provided a liver for Mr. Dean." After much shouting and rejoicing, we knew without a doubt, that Jesus was there, just as He had promised. I do remember uttering with only a whisper, "Jehovah-jireh, the Lord God has provided." Surely the Lord is not slack concerning His promise.

During my surgery preparation, Dr. Bynon discovered a blood clot near my diseased liver. He said there is no way to give this liver to Mr. Dean, but then he had a second thought, "It is possible to dissolve this clot, flush it out and then perform the operation." The doctor tried this and it worked. My wife, Brenda rushed to tell all the family and friends in the waiting room that the doctor thinks that after his second thought, he has the situation in control, but we all know who is in complete control. God performs His miracles in mysterious ways. The Lord, with His miracle of a new life, answered all the intense prayers of all the family, all the friends and all the churches all over the country. There was much shouting and rejoicing with tears of joy by all the people giving thanksgiving and praise to the great God of all comfort. "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." James 5:16. Let's be sure we know that God answers our Prayers, He is in complete control and He makes no mistakes.

During the transplant, I was highly favored with another visit from the Lord. To me this was an unforgettable experience. The magnificent appearance of Jesus was as white as snow. It is most difficult to describe. It was most glorious and beautiful to behold with wonder and amazement, the divine presence of Jesus, the great Physician. He touched me with His miracle and I was healed. I was so overjoyed that I sang, and prayed and preached for 18 hours during my recovery until I could only whisper these enduring words, Jesus is white as snow. "His countenance was as lightning, His raiment as white as snow." Matthew 28:3 It is amazing to me, the only song that I sang over and over is titled, "Whiter Than Snow". Surely the Lord knows exactly how to get our attention. He definitely received mine.

As David said, "After I was afflicted, then called I upon the Lord." God uses the furnace of affliction to refine us. It was revealed to Isaiah, “though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow." Isaiah 1:18. How do we become this clean? David said, "Though ye have lien among the pots, yet shall ye be as the wings of a dove covered with Silver, and her feathers with yellow gold, when the Almighty scattered,---it was white as snow." Psalms 68:13-14. We are washed in the blood of Jesus and we become as white as snow. We become Christ-like. John saw Jesus when He said, "I am He that liveth and was dead; and, behold, I am alive forever more." Rev. 1:18. John looked again and said, "Behold, I saw an innumerable host clothed with white robes." Rev. 7:9. Here we are, my friends. All the people of God will have on white robes washed by nothing but the blood of Jesus. And as David said, "When I awake in His likeness, I will be satisfied". Psalms 15:3. Let's continue to strive to follow Jesus and be Christ-like in the newness of life today, until Jesus comes again. Then we will be fashioned with white robes to wear Forever more. There is no question; Jesus is the Great Miracle Maker.

Thank you so very much for your most meaningful prayers, beautiful cards, marvelous flowers, and loving kindness. I personally thank you who donated to my medical fund. Your generous contributions are deeply appreciated. The cards cheered me up when I most needed cheering. The flowers, with flavors of sweetness, caused me and my wife to rejoice. But most of all, your prayers were the most precious gift you could ever give me. Please continue to pray for us and also pray for the donor’s family. It is most important for all of us to be donors so others could live on, if it is God's will. I desire that you help me and Brenda with our "New Beginning". Surely, surely the Lord has performed His miracles. I believe in miracles, and I know you do too. Hallelujah!

Elder Bufrey Dean

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