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Wednesday, 15 September 2010 09:22
AfricaDear MTZ Reader,

Below are two emails. One from Elder Sam Bryant, the other from Elder Vernon Johnson. I received the following via email yesterday. Bro Sam, in his email, shares some updates about the work in Africa. I am certain you will find the account encouraging! He also shares a current need for assistance in mailing brethren in Africa sound, Primitive Baptist literature and sermons. These brethren are not begging for your money. But, if our Gracious Lord places it upon your heart to contribute to this cause, many will be blessed.



******Elder Sam Bryant's email******

Beloved in Christ,
After my return from Kenya and Tanzania on August 3rd, 2010 I visited with Elder Vernon Johnson by phone and told him how much I enjoyed meeting some of the brethren from Zambia who had been receiving his study materials. They spent a week with us in Tanzania. They have become strong believers in the teachings of the PBC. He told me he is receiving more requests from men in Zambia for the study materials than any other African country.( At the present time we do not have a Primitive Baptist church or minister in Zambia.) He said he had received requests for materials from over 40 men recently from different parts of Zambia and he was not going to be able to meet all these requests at the present time due to the heavy cost of producing the materials and paying the postage.

I asked Brother Vernon if he would send me a list of all the material he sends in one of these boxes and the costs involved. He did and you will find that list below. I was amazed at the amount of information he sends and the costs involved.

Those of us who are representing Primitive Baptists in Africa want Primitive Baptists in America to know what we are teaching the people in Africa in the name of Primitive Baptists. These study materials are available to anyone here in our country who would like to examine them. Many families in Vestavia church have obtained the first note book and have been greatly blessed by reading and studying the articles.

Planting churches in a far away land is a daunting task. Elder Obey was a very sound and gifted Primitive Baptist minister and after being ordained in America, he was blessed to return to his native land and teach and preach in Tanzania and Kenya for three and one half years. He spoke their language and knew their culture. He was willing to "spend and be spent" (11 Cor. 12:15) in the service of Jesus Chirst. Thankfully, before his death five men were ordained in Kenya and have been a huge blessing to the gospel labor in that country. Elder Obey died in Kenya while attending an ordaintion for some of these brethren.

Much of the work Elder Obey was doing has fallen on Elder Martin Onyoni. He is unusually gifted in his understanding of the scriptures and in his ability to preach. He is the busiest preacher I know and his work load does not allow him to go to Zambia. In addition to pastoring a church in Kenya and serving as interim pastor in Tanzania, he travels extensively to other areas in Kenya to teach and preach. He and his wife, Annah, have 3 children and one on the way. Sadly, he faces much opposition from false teachers. Please lift him up in your prayers.

There are four men in Tanzania who are burdened to preach. Hopefully, they will be established well enough in our beliefs to be ordained some time next year. They all have good gifts to teach and they are deeply loved and respected by the church. However we do not want to ordain men to the ministry until they are able to teach and defend the doctrine and practice of the PBC. There is much opposition to the truth in Africa. It takes a lot of diligent study to be able to withstand the false teachers.

Elder Johnson has made several trips to Africa to preach and teach in person. On his first trip, he and Elder Obey stayed in Brother Martin's mud house for three weeks and studied together day and night. Elder Johnson has two trips planned to east Africa in the near future. Elder Mike Gowens will be going with him to Uganda and Kenya on October 3rd for 18 days. and Elder Mike Ivy will be going with him early next year. They will be spending a lot of time in Zambia. (English is the official language in Zambia-a huge blessing.) Having these study materials in advance is a great help to the brethren in Africa and to those from America who go to help establish them in the true gospel.

Please look at the list of materials Brother Vernon sends. You might wonder how anyone could ever work their way through 1600 sermons on CDs by many ministers, including 700 by Elder Sonny Pyles. In addition to the recorded sermons there are many volumes of writings by many different men. We must remember that these men live in a land where they do not have access to TV or radio. They don't go to ballgames etc. Also remember that they don't get to attend 3 day meetings where many able sermons are preached by seasoned ministers!!

I hope you will be impressed to help defray the costs of sending this material to our brethren in Africa who are hungry for the truth that many of us have been rejoicing in for so many years. And please pray that God will use this material for His glory and for the furtherance of the gospel.

I asked Brother Vernon to include his mailing address. If you would like to send money through your home church or through the Denton PBC for tax purposes, that would be fine. Any amount would be helpful. If Brother Vernon should receive more money than he needs for this project, I can assure the reader that any extra money will be used to support more gospel work in Africa.

Your brother in gospel bonds,
Sam Bryant


****** Brother Vernon's list of materials is below******
Dear Bro. Sam,
As you requested below is a list of the materials I am sending to the men in Africa who have shown an interest in the Primitive Baptist faith and believe they are called to preach:

Notebook # 1 - This I refer to as a bible study notebook and contains the follow general topics:
a.  Purpose and utility of the scriptures.
b.  Essays on the attributes of God.
c.  Doctrines of Grace (Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Unconditional Election, and Preservation of The Saints.  Also there are essays on the subjects of Foreknowledge, Predestination, Effectual Calling, Justification by the blood of Christ, and Glorification of the Saints.  Moreover, essays on the three types of Justification (by blood, by faith, and by works), different callings in the scriptures, different elections in the scriptures.
d.  Purpose and utility of the gospel.
e.  Several essays on various topics under the general heading of Kingdom of God.
f.  The ordinances, offices, manner of worship, and government of the New Testament churches.
g.  Articles of Faith
Notebook # 2 - This notebook contains my notes on the books of Matthew, Romans, Galatians, Ephesians, and Philippians
Notebook # 3 - This notebook contains the following studies:
a.  12 marks of the New Testament Church by Elder Hassell
b.  Elder Joe Holder's book that he wrote covering the teachings of the book of James.
c.  Elder Michael Gowens notes on the book of Hebrews.
d.  Elder Michael Iveys pamphlet on Repentance in the Pulpit and the Pew.
e.  Elder Michael Gowens dissertation on Temporal Salvation.
f.  Elder Michael Iveys essay on Overruling Providence of God.
g.  My essays on the Signs and Wonders of the bible.
Notebook # 4 - This notebook contains the following studies:
a.  Elder Joe Holder's pamphlet on Faith.
b.  Elder Joe Holder's pamphlet on Love, Fear, and Trust.
c.  Bro. Tom Hagler's book on How One is Born Again.
d.  Elder Michael Gowen's Notes on the book of Luke.

In addition, I send the men an MP3-CD Player so that they can listen to sermons on CDs in MP3 format.
I send 19 CDs of sermons that contain approximately 1600 sermons by a great number of Primitive Baptist Elders.  About 700 of the sermons are by Elder Sonny Pyles.  Approximately another 70 sermons are by Elder Lonnie Monzingo, Jr., About 200 of the sermons are by Elder Joe Holder, About 100 of the sermons are by Elder Buddy Abernathy, another 60 of the sermons are by Elder Ronnie Lawrence.  In addition there are sermons by Elders Sam Bryant, John Conley, Ed Kirkpatrick, Michael Ivey, Michael Gowens, Tim McCool and numerous sermons by many elders taken from Elder Keith Ellis' website and also sermons recorded at Denton Primitive Baptist Church.

To most of the men I send KJV bibles to meet the needs of their congregations.  In Zambia I frequently send song books as they are an English speaking nation.

When men have progressed in their studies with good understanding of the doctrines of grace and fundamentals of the church I send additional notebooks to them:
Notebook # 5 - My notes on the book of Revelation
Notebook # 6 - This notebook contains the following topics:
a.  Writings of Elder Joe Holder on the book of Daniel.
b.  Writings of Elder Joe Holder on the book  of Collossians
c.  Writings of Elder Wilson Thompson entitled "Simple Truth."
Notebook # 7 - This notebook contains the following:
a.  Elder Philip Conleys first book entitled Morning Thoughts
b.  Essay by Elder Michael Ivey entitled "Bible Doctrine of Original Sin."
c.  The book by Bro. Tom Hagler entitled "Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth."

I am still putting together a large number of writings for future notebooks.

As you requested my cost for sending the packages to Africa are as follows:
1.  A package containing the first four notebooks, an Mp3-CD player, and 19 CDs cost $55.95 to mail in a large flat rate box by U.S. Postal service.  This is considerably cheaper than by any other means that I have  found.
2.  The MP3-CD player cost about $20.
3.  Each notebook consists of about 350 pages (175 sheets of paper as I print on both sides).  The cost of the notebook is approximately $1-$2.  The cost of the dividers is about $1.50.  The cost of the print paper is about $1 per notebook.  The cost of the toner is about $1 per notebook.  The cost of maintenance of the High Volume HP LJ printer I approximate to be about $2 per notebook.  Total cost per one notebook is about $7.  For four notebooks this totals to $28.
4.  Cost of Jewel cases for 19 CDs is about $5.  Cost of each CD is about $.15  Total cost of 19 CDs is about $3.
5.  $55.95 + $20 + $28 + $5 + $3 = $111.95 RT $112.
The cost of sending bibles is as follows:
I can purchase KJV bibles for about $2 each.  These are paper back bibles and the print is 8 point.  For those who require giant print bibles the cost of the bibles goes to about $5 each.  I can get approximately 13 KJV bibles in a large flat rate box.  The total cost to send the 13 bibles is $55.95 + $26 = $ 81.95 RT $82.

I am currently sending out about 15 packages per month @ $55.95 per box mailing cost and in addition the cost of the contents.

I hope  this helps.
My mailing address is:
Vernon Johnson
3670 Lee Johnson Farm Rd.
Farmersville, Texas  75442
Bro. Vernon
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