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Written by Ben Winslett   
Thursday, 01 April 2010 18:00

Since the despicable Westboro Baptist “Church” is in the news again, I felt the desire to set the record straight on their identity.

Westboro “Church” has listed on their website (FAQ section) that they are “an Old School (or, Primitive) Baptist Church.”

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ben Winslett. I am a Primitive Baptist. My parents are Primitive Baptist. My grandparents are Primitive Baptist. My great-grandparents were Primitive Baptists. I have Primitive Baptists in my genealogy in both sides since my ancestors stepped foot on “The New World.” I also pastor the oldest Baptist Church in the State of Alabama (Flint River PBC, Huntsville). I have a Primitive Baptist radio program (Words of Grace). I run a Primitive Baptist website (marchtozion.com).I love the Primitive Baptists!

Please take it from me, that Primitive Baptists have no fellowship or association with Fred Phelps. He is no Primitive Baptist Elder. He has taken it upon himself to use our name. Our order of faith does not condone the actions of Phelps. In fact, we DETEST his behavior.

Westboro Baptist “Church” is a counterfeit Primitive Baptist group. We have no fellowship or association with them. We condemn their behavior. They do not represent mainstream Primitive Baptists in any sense, period.

In fact, every time this group is publicized in the media, our people cringe. I have discussed this issue with brethren from coast to coast. Our sentiment has been universal – neither Westboro nor Phelps represent our simple people. We do not want to be associated in the minds of Americans with Westboro or their heinous antics.

True Primitive Baptists love the Lord and love His people. We believe in the Salvation of sinners by Sovereign Grace. We worship in a simple, New Testament pattern. We are in no way related to or like Westboro “Church.”


Ben Winslett

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