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Monday, 10 August 2015 13:53


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Publisher's Note

The Fulton Confession of faith is essentially the 1689 London Confession of Faith with an added preface, footnotes for each article expressing the understanding of the ministry (of 1900), and an appendix. Whereas we agree fully with the doctrine presented in the Fulton footnotes, the language of the actual 1689 London Confession can be confusing, and even seem contradictory in some sections. The confusing language can be due to two reasons:


1) Words change meaning over time. Certain words that cause confusion should be viewed through the lens of definitions from that time. To get a full understanding of the words we would exhort the reader to look up confusing words in an Oxford English Dictionary on Historic Principles. Furthermore, confusing expressions should be considered through a diligent study of other works during the same time period. The full writings of ministers of that era shed great light on their complete biblical understanding. For example, a person could read the writings of Samuel Richardson to better understand what they believed concerning the doctrine of justification. So we ask the reader to look at a panoramic view of the ministry of that age and not just use the expressions of this confession.

2) The 1689 London Confession was a modified version of the Westminster Confession to represent Baptist views on baptism and ecclesiology. It was primarily drafted to answer criticisms given from the Presbyterians and Anglicans. It then seems to be both a political and ecumenical statement, as well as a religious document. This explains some of the confusing language. It would then be advisable to compare this document with the Midland Confession of 1655 and the London Confession of 1644. Just as it is necessary to compare the contemporary writings of that time to get a more panoramic view of their scriptural views, it is also wise to consider all of the English Baptist confessions to further understand their complete doctrinal tenets.

For this reason we wish to remind the reader that Baptists hold that the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the word of God and the only authority for doctrinal beliefs and church practice. No confession, creed, or articles of faith can supplement, or substitute the Bible itself. Confessions and such like are explanations, or expressions of belief and not binding as a rule for faith and practice. Therefore this publication is done for historic value and not to show full doctrinal agreement or endorsement.


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