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Written by Josh Winslett   
Wednesday, 26 July 2017 15:07

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Author: Harold Hunt

Comments on Philippians is a Bible commentary by Elder Harold Hunt. From the Introduction: "Paul's letter to the Philippians is the tenderest, the most personal, and the easiest to read of all his epistles. It is the epistle of joy; the words joy and rejoice appear sixteen times in the letter. His other letters were not always that way. He had some sharp admonitions for the church at Corinth and the churches of Galatia. They had serious problems, and he reproved them sharply. But not so in this letter to the Philippians. With them it is always kairete kai sunkairete pasin humin, "I joy and rejoice with you all" (ch. 2:17). He was happy, and he wanted them to be happy."

Harold Hunt is a Primitive Baptist pastor and author. He has authored many published titles, including Comments on Galatians, Comments on Philippians, The Lost History of Calvinism, The London Confession, and Which System is Unfair.


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