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Written by Josh Winslett   
Wednesday, 26 July 2017 14:40

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Author: Harold Hunt

Comments on Galatians is a Bible commentary by Elder Harold Hunt. From the Introduction: "The churches of Galatia to which this letter was written were scattered over the region which is now central Turkey. Ancyra, the capital of Galatia at that time, is now called Ankara, and is the capital of modern Turkey. This is the only letter Paul wrote to a group of churches. It was possibly Paul who first planted these churches. He did travel in that region (Acts 16:6, 18:23). Whether Paul was the one who originally planted these churches or not, it is obvious that he had earlier had a very good relationship with them. He reminded them that at one time they would have plucked out their very eyes and given them to him (ch. 4:15)."

Harold Hunt is a Primitive Baptist pastor and author. He has authored many published titles, including Comments on Galatians, Comments on Philippians, The Lost History of Calvinism, The London Confession, and Which System is Unfair.


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