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Wednesday, 29 April 2015 16:35

It's been a while since we have given updates on any of the new resources we are making available. Below is a short list for a few of the recent updates.


Social Networking

We are now on Twitter, Facebook, and GooglePlus. We have been on Facebook since 2009, but recently added the other two platforms this year.

Find us on Twitter @mtzministries

Find us on Facebook @marchtozion

Find us on GooglePlus +marchtozion

These social networking outlets allow people to get the same updates that you can get through our email subscription, as well as older posts we frequently share.



Both the Words of Grace Radio broadcast (Elder Benjamin Winslett) and the weekly pulpit sermons from Elder Josh Winslett (Truth Made Simple) are now on iTunes.

Words of Grace Radio

Click here for Words of Grace on iTunes | Click here for Truth Made Simple on iTunes

These podcasts can also be found at and


There have also been updates in the TV/Radio listing, PB Links listing, and Email Devotions listing. Lord willing, we will expand the bookstore sometime in the future. Don't forget to contact us if you would like your PB church, email devotion, TV/radio program, or website added to our listings. We pray that all of these resources made available by March To Zion will be used for the glory of God, edification of the saints, and the proclamation of the truth.

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