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Written by Ben Winslett   
Monday, 30 March 2015 08:54


Spend much time in the comment sections of a news websites? How about observing debates over hot button topics on facebook? I try not to, as internet debates are an enormous drain on spiritual energy and time. Yet, occasionally I forget my self-imposed rule and get drawn in.


Isn't it amazing how the mind of the unbeliever works? When a Christian disagrees based upon conviction or adherence to the word of God, the unbeliever will slam them as a bigot. Name calling ensues. Slamming begins. Here's a hypothetical example:


Christians disagree with homosexuality and so Christians are just bigots. All they do is hate. They're hypocrites because they don't help the poor but just look down on people. This is why I am not a Christian, they're just jerks.

That's pretty close to what I see every day online. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.


It baffles the mind, that folks can spew such vitriol towards another person for having a different opinion, and then issue out a condemnation against others which at the same time condemns themselves. In the above hypothetical (paraphrased from an actual conversation) you see that the person 1) accuses the Christian of hate and 2) spews actual hate speech at Christians. Notice also how the focus is taken off the subject at hand - in this case it was homosexuality - and pointed towards something unrelated, the care of the poor.

So what happens if you point out the double standard? They just turn up the intensity of their rhetoric and accusations. There's no way to win, because these folks aren't actually listening or considering your point. If you really want to throw a wrench in their proverbial gears, start digging into THEIR care of the poor. More times than not, the internet know-it-all lives a life of self service. Point out their hypocrisy? The scoffer will just accuse of your changing the subject. They don't really care about the poor, they just like throwing accusations at the Christian. Shoot that one down and they move to the next.




The answer is simple - these folks are scoffers. They occupy the "seat of the scornful." Their experience is one of resentment towards God and rejection of His word. Their behavior will, without a God caused change of heart, consist of ridicule and condemnation. Notice how the Epicureans and the Stoics teamed up against Paul in Acts 19. Do you know much about these two Philosophical schools of thought? They were rivals. Yet they teamed up together in rejection of the truth. This is why in our country today, Athiests, Socialists, Gays, and Islamics all team together against the Christian. The enemy of their enemy is their friend.


They expect the Christian to reject or ignore the principles of the Bible. If you don't, they condemn you as hateful in the most hateful of ways! I can disagree with you and even call you out for sin but love you at the same time. Any parent can attest to this. Love does not equate agreement. To disagree is not to hate.


So what am I to do?

1. Be in the word. Hide it in your heart. With it, you cleanse your way.

2. Preach the word in love, not caring if it offends - leave that to God.

3. When you encounter the scoffer, say a prayer for him. Shake the dust of your shoes off and move on.

4. Humble yourself. If not for grace, we'd all be scoffers! (Humility does not imply pacifism - we must still stand strong and proclaim God's word.)


Finally, remember the words of Paul in which he begged for prayers that we be delivered from UNREASONABLE and WICKED men, for all men have not faith. Depravity is real. Some men don't know God. No amount of debate will change their minds because God hasn't changed their hearts. There is no reasoning with them because they are in fact, unreasonable. The only remedy is to avoid them, after they expose their nature against you. Pray for us - keep the faith.



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