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Written by Ben Winslett   
Monday, 23 March 2015 10:17

I debated sharing this, as it undoubtedly will seem like self promotion, which I avoid (please notice the lack of sermons in our archive preached by me personally). So, allow me to preface this by saying that I don't desire to build a "following" nor am I attempting to become a celebrity preacher. :) Here goes:

Does your congregation desire a Primitive Baptist radio program in your area?


I've produced a radio program here in Huntsville since 2008 named Words of Grace on an affordable Wilkins Radio station, WBXR. A brother from south Tennessee decided to discontinue his program here on WBXR and offered me his timeslot. Having been interested in radio already, I jumped on the offer. It's been a labor of love and is sponsored by Flint River Church. I receive occasional correspondence from listeners outside of the church, including hate mail, but mainly area Old Baptists and other friends listen. I am thankful for the opportunity. It's fun to produce, and my goal is threefold:

  1. Provide a PB perspective on the radio waves.
  2. Give PB something to listen to on Sunday mornings.
  3. Expose new folks to the gospel of grace.

Last year Wilkins radio offered a "buy one, get one" program enabling me to expand the ministry to a very large geographic area of Mississippi compassing Tupelo, via WCPC. This was the answer to prayer on part of my brother, who serves a church in Oxford but had no way to produce a show of his own. I am thankful for the interest in that area. It's exciting!

Shortly after that, a pastor friend in Woodville Alabama was offered a timeslot on WZCT, in nearby Scottsboro, but lacked the time and technical resources to produce a broadcast of his own. His congregation went ahead and "pulled the trigger" on the timeslot but decided to simply syndicate Words of Grace. I'm thankful for their encouragement and interaction. Yet, since that timeslot belongs to them, should he ever want to produce his own program, he could remove Words of Grace and supply a broadcast of his own.

It's interesting. I didn't really seek out to do this. It just fell in my lap. God opens doors for us to minister!

I feel compelled to pass along an offer to you. If your congregation is interested in a Primitive Baptist radio program in your area, but doesn't have the technical means to produce a broadcast, I'd be humbled for you to make use of Words of Grace on a local station. Radio isn't free, but some stations are far less expensive than others. Depending on the listener base of your local station, a broadcast in your area could generate interest in what Primitive Baptists believe. At the end of the two broadcasts outside of our immediate area, I close with an invitation to visit any local Primitive Baptist Church and a link to our church directory here at MTZ. In the case of the sponsored program on WZCT in Woodville, each program begins with a brief note of sponsorship and an invitation to visit for worship.

If you have a desire for this, syndication is easy. The programs are already produced. Once the timeslot has been acquired, all it takes is either 1) Uploading the mp3 file to the station's server or 2) Sharing a link with the station via dropbox.

Again, there's no desire on my part to be a celebrity preacher. I wandered into this to begin with. BUT, if Words of Grace can be useful, by all means be my guest. Shoot me an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you'd like to discuss it further. Thanks, and God bless!

Ben Winslett

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