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Written by Dolph Painter   
Tuesday, 11 February 2014 15:35

The following was written by Dolph Painter, pastor of Mount Olive Primitive Baptist Church in Roanoke Virginia. I received it via facebook and it is definitately worth FWDing along.

- Ben Winslett




After watching the Ham-Nye Debate, I have four thoughts I would like to share with our members, especially those in school. The thoughts that follow are responses to challenges made by Mr. Nye. They are:



• Christians do not haphazardly decide to interpret scripture figuratively. The Bible is not one book, but a collection of 66 books (penned by 40+ men over 1600 years). Yes, all 66 books are bound between two covers and we generically refer to our bibles as The Good Book; but this language is not accurate. The Bible is a library, not a book. Included in this library are: law books, history books, books of poetry, books written from mentors to apprentices, a book of short pithy sayings, …). Any secularist with a library knows that genre determines how a book ought to be read. One does not read Tennyson the same as The Farmer’s Almanac. One does not read Aesop the same as The Dead Sea Scrolls. Such is the case with the 66 books of the Bible. Genre, not preference determines how the Bible is to be interpreted.


• Christians do not haphazardly decide a commandment is out of date. Mr. Nye quoted an O.T. law to belittle Christians. Our President has employed similar tactics. Consider the following illustration: Nearly 200 years ago, land known as the Louisiana Purchase was owned and governed by France. French law governed the people of this land, not American law. But when America purchased this land, French law lost its jurisdiction. U.S. law governs and rules. Such is the case with O.T. ceremonial law. When Jesus bought us, ceremonial law lost its jurisdiction. N.T. law governs and rules. An Arkansas lawyer may have an old French law book in his/her library, but its jurisdiction has been usurped. The Bible includes the Book of Leviticus, but its jurisdiction has been usurped. Jurisdiction, not preference determines which Bible commandments are to be obeyed.


• The Bible makes predictions. Here are ten personal favorites:

1. A cursed world leads to a planet wearing out, not getting more complicated

2. Confession is more prone to mental health than is self-esteem building

3. Unstrained lust will lead to societies without self-discipline and morality

4. Workfare will be much more profitable than welfare

5. Not disciplining children will reduce respect for authority and lower work ethic

6. Debt causes people, companies, and nations to become tails, not heads

7. Lottery winner wanna-be’s will be miserable; lottery winners will be more miserable.

8. The most effective teachers will employ investigation and reflection

9. God fearing people will be healthier, happier, and live longer (on average)

10. Laughter also leads to better health


• Bible believers do not make for bad scientists. Consider two counter-cultural teachings and a few other facts:

1. Blood-letting cost George Washington his life. The Bible said life is in the blood, the majority of scientists (of that day) said death is in the blood.

2. Infected scalpels killed more Civil War soldiers than did bullets. The Bible said cleanse with running water, the doctors (of that day) cleansed with pooled water.

3. The Bible taught evaporation, wind currents, water currents, ocean floors, a round earth, a suspended earth, germs, quarantining practices, star uniqueness & numbers long before scientists figured these things out.

4. The following scientists were not only Christians but preachers: Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur, Robert Boyle, Francis Bacon, Galileo Galiler, Rene’ Descates, Greg Mendel, and George Washington Carver. These preachers’ scientific discoveries changed our world.


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