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Written by Ben Winslett   
Thursday, 23 June 2011 09:16

Here is the answer to a question I received via facebook. It concerns recent laws passed by the State of Alabama granting Police a greater power to investigate a person's status and enforce immigration laws. While this is a civil matter, I feel the question is very appropriate. Do these laws violate God's word? Good question...my answer is below.


[Please do not interpret this as our website entering into the public debate of political matters. We are not considering the specifics of a government's policy, but whether or not such a concept is in violation of God's Word.]


Question: There are Ministers [who] say that this new immigration law that just went into affect goes against the Bible. I'm just not sure how it's wrong??


Answer: It's important to separate a government's responsibilities from an individual's responsibilities. God did this in His book many times. For example, we are commanded as individuals not to kill, yet God instructed His physical nation, Israel, to execute men for a variety of crimes. Apply this concept of separating between "individual and government" to the illegal immigration situation.

We, as believers, are commanded to be charitable and kind to others, to turn the other cheek, to suffer persecution, etc. We are also commanded on a personal level to be hospitable and welcoming to strangers. (Hebrews says some have thereby entertained angels unaware).

Yet, Romans 13 says Civil Government is an institution created by God for the purpose of keeping rule and order. Because of this, we are to keep the law of the land, provided it does not violate God's law. Actually, this text goes as far as to say that God made government to be a "terror to evil." In the Old Testament, God allowed and even commanded Israel to enforce their borders, so it is not contrary to God's will for any other country to do the same.

Since immigration laws are within reason and not contrary to God's Word (there is no mandate condemning such), and they are already in effect, I would say that the enforcing of such is fine and in no way contradictory of the Bible. This is merely the government exercising their authority as God has given them.

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