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Written by Ben Winslett   
Wednesday, 02 May 2018 08:44

I generally refrain myself from acknowledging the disgruntled gossip blog "Old Baptist Test." If you're unfamiliar with the site, it's basically a home for people who were once Primitive Baptist to criticize us and write negative things about us. Over the years, several misrepresentations about what we believe have been published there. I usually just keep walking. But not today.


After seeing MTZ CAST Episode 1, contributor Kevin Fralick published a post claiming Flint River had changed her Articles of Faith. I will paste in his words because I don't want to misrepresent him:

Flint River: Then and Now

I just happened to stumble upon a video broadcast on Facebook from Flint River Primitive Baptist Church in which the speaker made reference to the original Articles of Faith when the church was constituted in 1808. A picture is shown of them chiseled in stone in the churchyard. The interesting thing is that the bottom of the video contained a link to the church's website in which one can read those Articles of Faith as they stand today.

Lo and behold, they are not the same!

Notice these two articles from 1808.

7. That God's elect shall be called, converted, and regenerated and sanctified by the Holy Ghost.

8. That the saints shall persevere in grace and never fall finally away.

Now let us notice how those articles, combined into one, read today!

Article 6. We believe that God's elect shall be effectually called, regenerated and sanctified by the Holy Ghost and shall be preserved in grace and never finally fall away.

The rewriting of Articles of Faith is nothing new among the Hardshells.

The only problem with Fralick's point, is that he's comparing the Flint River monument with the Articles of Faith of Marchtozion.com, which are not the same!! The "link to the church's website" isn't a link to the church's website at all. It's a link to the Marchtozion.com Statement of Faith.

I left the comment on the blog, but wanted to publish it here because otherwise, their admins might not approve it and refuse to actually publish it (comments on that site must be approved by admins).


First, the speaker's name is Ben Winslett.

Second, your post is misleading, either through a mistake/error on your part or intentionally. The link is to the Articles of Faith of Marchtozion.com, which, as I explained in the video, was [from] my old home church in Shelby County Alabama. The MTZ articles were adopted in 2003, when I launched my website, still a member of Ebenezer. The granite monument is at Flint River, Madison county, and so the articles are from a different church's statement of faith.

So to compare the link I shared to the granite monument and insinuate that Flint River is changing her articles of faith is misleading. This is not the first example of a misleading post I've read on this blog either. But since you're quoting ME, I can't let it stand without correction. The entire point of your post is built on this faulty premise. You err, sir. I give you the benefit of the doubt that it was a simple mistake, answering a matter before you hear it.

The only word, to my knowledge, that actually HAS been changed in the FR AofF is the word persevere, to preserve. We still believe and teach that saints shall persevere in GRACE. This is why the phrase “shall not finally fall away” is a part of our articles. Any and every PB I know believes that saints stay (persevere) in a state of grace. The reason for the change is twofold:

1. Men such as yourself used the word to teach Lordship salvation, a cruel, hideous, Pharisaical doctrine which yields men over to either bondage or pride. 2. “Preserve” is a more biblical word. Anyone who doubts me can look up both words in a concordance (I originally wrote dictionary, meaning to say concordance).

But again, Flint River's Articles are found at flintriverpbc.org.
Marchtozion's Articles are found at marchtozion.com.

Regards, Ben Winslett

Why share this on Marchtozion.com and waste your time and mine even bothering a reply? Because I wanted to reply with a truthful post about a misrepresentation made by the folks over at Old Baptist Test. I don't intent to offer any further dialogue with them. Nor do I intend to answer such here again. This time I didn't feel I had much choice.

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