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Tuesday, 29 April 2014 20:03

Epidemic: America’s Addiction to Pornography
In the mid-1990s something unprecedented happened: The introduction of the Personal Computer (PC) and the Internet into American homes. This technology, now very familiar to us, was in its infancy. It was commonplace to hear older people speak of their struggles with technology while boasting of the ease with which their young children were able to master it. Consequently, there was a generation of children, whose parents were completely ignorant as to the usage of computers and the full scope of what was developing on the Internet; who allowed their children free reign of their family PCs. The result has been a generation of young men who, having been often exposed to sexual images online, now struggle with an addiction to this extremely besetting sin. Today, a third of all internet traffic is pornographic in nature; pornography itself being a multibillion dollar industry. This sinful behavior is addictive and destructive and you are the target audience. In his message Epidemic: America’s Addiction to Pornography, Pastor Ben Winslett reveals the dangers of indulging in this carnal behavior while sharing methods of combatting such in your personal life.


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