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Written by Ronaldo Lopez   
Monday, 04 October 2010 07:50

America, Canada, United Kingdom, South Korea, Singapore, and other countries that truly open for the gospel preaching are blessed nations. What a blessing that we have a freedom to worship, freedom to give glory to the King of Kings.

Mainland China need more genuine gospel messengers. For almost one year ministering to Chinese community in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, I have learned lot of things: the culture, the language, and especially how to get their interest in listening to the gospel message.

We have now small groupings of Chinese brethren in different areas. I gave them instruction to continue to study the Bible in their home, office, working place if they are free. One of our active converts and already baptized is in the University. And the last time we met he decided to pursue broadcasting to the students about the gospel. I am looking forward that all of them will grow more in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

But, we need to pray for them. I am now ministering to our contacts and brethren there through the internet chatting and email. Our websites are very helpful in helping them to learn more about our distinctives.

In Jiangsu, foreign religion is not truly welcome. According to one of our contact in that community, who was a former teacher in a public school. Maybe he is now in his 70’s and yet still smart and knows how to communicate in English. He said that in Jiangsu, to teach theology and philosophy will bring suspicious in the eyes of the Chinese government.

That’s why five years ago the government stopped and deported foreign gospel ministers. But, I believe that God is always willing to send more workers in his vineyards to do the work of an evangelist. And, I am one of them. I have no doubt for his calling and purpose of my ministerial work there.

Presently, I am now at my home Church in Muntinlupa City while composing this progress report.  I am so thankful that in spite that we are just a small congregation, our brethren are very supportive. The elders/pastors in our local churches were the one taking care of the pulpit if I am out of the country.

I would like to give thanks also to those elders/ pastors and Individual friends who were move by the Lord in assisting me to our ministerial endeavors.

Please continue to pray for our church now in Muntinlupa. We are praying that  the Lord will give us a permanent place of worship. By December 2010 we will celebrate our 9th year Anniversary as a local congregation. Presently, we are renting a place for the meetings just to do our services to the Lord.

I am also praying that the Lord will give us partners in helping us doing the work of the Lord in the Philippines as well in our pioneering work in China.

If you are being moved by the Lord to help us while reading this article, please contact us by email or by phone. You can help us in so many ways: by becoming our prayer partners, and you can also contribute or donate in kind or cash to some of our projects.

Please consider the following needs of our ministry.

1. KJV Bibles and Chinese Bibles for distribution

2. Primitive Baptist Reading Materials, Articles, Books, etc.

3. Travel Expenses needs (Sponsoring airplane tickets)

For more information contact:
Elder  Ronaldo Lopez, Pastor
Primitive Baptist Church of God
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Mobile: +63 921 791 4424  and  +63 9185923786

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